Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Conscientious Cuisine

I live in the land of fruits and nuts. I get it. Californians wear sandals, get on ever food band wagon and are just more concerned about the earth than you. period. I accept this and try to even out the score a little where I can.

I see a new high-end restaurant opened near my office. It's tag line is "conscious cuisine & cocktails". What? I don't want my cuisine conscious. Unconscious is the way to go, really. I don't need an aware cow pointing out the tenderest parts. Though it is a nice alliteration, what, exactly are the conscious about? Not the state of my liver. Clearly conscious of whatever it takes to separate weary business travelers from their per Diem.

I don't need "green" restaurants purporting to be healthier for me than I can possibly realize. When you are paying thousands in rent for the restaurant pad and have a maitre de in California, you are not conscious of reality.

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Rose - The Center of My Self said...

For real? "Conscious cuisine?" Can we just take a black marker and fix that? Although, as you say, "conscientious" isn't much better and smacks of all kinds of mighter-than-thou foodiness. Sigh ... sometimes things are just plain old ridiculous. I prefer simple honesty.