Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shameless Halloween Showoffs

The sweats start in September. Not from the start of school but the looming deadline of Halloween. I make costumes for my kids mostly because of the need for variety - my kids aren't "off the rack" so why should their costumes be? - and because $40 for $10 quality, in this arena, just totally pisses me off. I also have kids willing to let me. Rather, the oldest has been, and the others let me when it makes sense. So far, in the last four years, I've mostly gotten away with one costume for one kid per year, really, so I've been lucky. This year is no different. Cairo wants to be Harry Potter, though it was a race car driver before this. I want to talk him back into the latter, but there is no budging him. I've done this one before (in 2001) but it disappeared a week after Halloween and has never been seen again.

So, as I piece together old bits of black satin in mismatched pieces (yards and yards of it) with the used pattern, I find myself in another crazy mom-dilemma. I am piecing together a costume similar to one seen before in this family from spare parts - so am I neglecting my younger son because I am piecing it together. It is out of
necessity really and opportunity in that I have the stuff, but have to work twice as hard to get it together. For a robe. Alas. I will hem on.

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Rose - The Center of My Self said...

Feel free to shamelessly show off more costumes; I love 'em. So creative and wonderful. You definitely don't have "off the rack" kids; they're wonderful and special, each and every one.