Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday run through the park

Went on a run/walk after four hours of meetings - three were a conference call/strategy session w/ 20-people in NC in which I was the only one on the phone. That was so productive! Three hours of spinning incoherence while I ate my left over lasagna at my desk hoping the still-frozen parts would thaw enough to help heal the tounge-cheese-burn from the first bite. Had to get outside out of my chair.

I ran through the Wildlife Preserve near my office. It is quite amazing that, in 10-minutes, I can leave the concrete jungle for black-necked stilts
and great blue herons. I have a loop that extends to almost 3 miles when I feel good and cuts to 2 when I don't. There are sandy parts, rocky parts, parts near the water, parts in the shade of trees or tall grass and even a wooden bridge. Being a water plant and a wildlife preserve, there's always something to see and I'm always better for being there.

This time of year, the migrations have finished, so there weren't many birds, and it's too early and cold for butterfiles. There was a duck swimming from me in a pond/river making the rippled V that they do. There were a few small brown birds (finches? smaller than swallows) flitting across my path. Most interesting though, was the water surrounding the bridge. Today was the first time I had seen water around the bridge, and it was right up to the base of the bridge. That makes it all of about eight-inches deep, but the bridge cuts across a large flat plain so the volume of water is significant. It reminded me that the last time I ran through on the 3-mile path, I had to turn around for one of the lakes overflowed it's banks in the heavy rain before Christmas and flooded the trail. This water was probably the same, coming in droves and not baking off yet. Amazing.

distance: 2.26 mi
Time: 35 min