Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Old Year

With the New Year upon us, I think of the happenings of the last year. Plus it is a joyous time of reflection as it is my son's birthday. He said he was very happy with his party at the bounce-o-rama yesterday. Today was playing with toys, playing in the park and dinner out at his choice - Ruby's using the coupon from the Dinosaur Dash!

For the review of the year, I think of the the things that changed and the things that stayed the same. At the start of last year, my partner and I made a bet to lose 10% of our body. While I watched my weight go up and down daily, I've come to fully understand that health and weight do not match. Specifically, I have watched my ribs appear, my thighs bulge (and sculpt) and my breathing remain steady when racing my son. However, my weight has not changed. I must have lost an inch around my waist and gained an inch in each thigh (really, it's flipping me out that my jeans are looser in the muffing top and tight in the thighs) but the number on the scale is pretty much the same (plus or minus 2 pounds). So, I conclude, and this is hard for my analytical brain, numbers are meaningless. It's how you feel that matters. And I feel fit and good. So the resolution for this year is to continue as I am, exploring my body's capabilities and seeing where it will take me.

Dick and I finally married. It was worth it all the way, a fabulous day, but kind of a "yeah, so" all around. Great pictures of all and a beautiful day.

I've lost touch with some friends and haven't gained others. That is a resolution for this year - to open myself to others friendship.

Family is changing greatly and I don't know how to feel about it. One brother is expecting his first child. One is moved from AZ to OR. One sister is off to another state (as yet undecided). As a family we've remained in contact but I cannot say we are close, so these departures leave me nonplussed. I am sad, but happy for the opportunity to visit new places.

I look forward to the changes life will bring in the coming year - college applications, gymnastics academy (not little kid classes), ballet classes, work opportunites, travel choices, celebrations and joy.

Happy New Year.

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Rose said...

Happy New Year, Tech Goddess! And happy birthday to the birthday boy. I imagine he had a grand time celebrating!

Wishing you and yours abundant joy, peace and wonderfulness throughout 2009, changes and all.