Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spellman Files: Lisa Lutz

Found a great book:
The Spellman Files

It's about a crazy family that is in the personal surveillance business. All of them. Mom, Dad, sister, crazy uncle and young daughter. Only the perfect brother escapes. It's a bit roller coaster - psychoanalysis that you just can't get from Spencer.

I read for escapism, with a little fun, suspense, mystery and excitement thrown in and this fits the bill. I don't read violence or sappy romance. From the first non-chapter, this book pulled me in... this is a bit disjointed which greatly appeals to the ADD-side of my personality. It moves right along from one close encounter to another with just enough breathing room in between. It's a fun ride.

Two thumbs up - it's a fun read. In fact, when I finished it, I read the three pages of "thank yous" and, frankly, thought, at the subject of the promised follow-up novel - "I'm in."

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