Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finally - we can start

After 16-months and $436 million dollars the Democrats have a nominee. Now we can begin the five-month fight to the presidency. So, as senatorial representatives of their states, what have the three potential candidates been doing for NY, IL and AZ for the last 16-18 months? This whole process is ridiculous.

This is how the whole process should go:
1) All primaries, caucuses, etc. are held between June 1 and June 15 leading up to the Democratic convention. For all states. All at once, in a two week period. And the results are not published until the convention.
2) Voters can vote by three methods:
i. At a booth.
ii. Absentee - mail-in ballot (like 40% of registered voters)
iii. Online - why can't I do this? Millions of dollars are transacted daily, I vote my public shares' proxy this way, and I view my health records. It's not secure? It's not safe? It can be manipulated? Have you seen the dead people voting in Chicago?

Then, they can fight for four months for the presidency. The whole process - six months. It's not like the candidates are reliant on trains and newspapers anymore. Wham bam.

Then, maybe, the candidates can focus on their jobs for the additional 10 months they've now got back.

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