Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year Old Year

With the New Year upon us, I think of the happenings of the last year. Plus it is a joyous time of reflection as it is my son's birthday. He said he was very happy with his party at the bounce-o-rama yesterday. Today was playing with toys, playing in the park and dinner out at his choice - Ruby's using the coupon from the Dinosaur Dash!

For the review of the year, I think of the the things that changed and the things that stayed the same. At the start of last year, my partner and I made a bet to lose 10% of our body. While I watched my weight go up and down daily, I've come to fully understand that health and weight do not match. Specifically, I have watched my ribs appear, my thighs bulge (and sculpt) and my breathing remain steady when racing my son. However, my weight has not changed. I must have lost an inch around my waist and gained an inch in each thigh (really, it's flipping me out that my jeans are looser in the muffing top and tight in the thighs) but the number on the scale is pretty much the same (plus or minus 2 pounds). So, I conclude, and this is hard for my analytical brain, numbers are meaningless. It's how you feel that matters. And I feel fit and good. So the resolution for this year is to continue as I am, exploring my body's capabilities and seeing where it will take me.

Dick and I finally married. It was worth it all the way, a fabulous day, but kind of a "yeah, so" all around. Great pictures of all and a beautiful day.

I've lost touch with some friends and haven't gained others. That is a resolution for this year - to open myself to others friendship.

Family is changing greatly and I don't know how to feel about it. One brother is expecting his first child. One is moved from AZ to OR. One sister is off to another state (as yet undecided). As a family we've remained in contact but I cannot say we are close, so these departures leave me nonplussed. I am sad, but happy for the opportunity to visit new places.

I look forward to the changes life will bring in the coming year - college applications, gymnastics academy (not little kid classes), ballet classes, work opportunites, travel choices, celebrations and joy.

Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Uncle Jay's Annual Summary

Uncle Jay Explains the News

Dick discovered Uncle Jay this year. He does a weekly blog-video about the weeks news. It is a fine blend of "truth", fair and balanced as a newspaper. It's entertaining. His year-end summary is the best! I recommend looking at last week's blogisode before looking at the current to get a flavor of it to best appreciate. But, man, creative, well edited, spectacular and, well, just the right blend of honesty and cinicism.

so, if you enjoy this type of comedy (Christmas Geeky), you'll get Uncle Jay.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Opportunities Abound

running the race (results).
Sunday, 12/14, I ran in the Make Room For Santa 5k. I've been walking and starting to run all year, so I thought it fitting - plus the race course circled my house. This is not the start of massive change - I won't be racing every week. But I've completed it to the pride of my husband and pride of my son. And then watch my son in the kids race. I hope that, in about four years, all five of us will complete a race, together.

I have options at work - to join the corporate team on a data definition project that, while highly valuable, will be most frustrating. Really, how often are manuals used? In IT, defining "master data" is the ultimate instruction document that will be used by no one. Or, I can join an operations team, made up primarily of women. I would be truly a translator for the operation. Not really where my passions lie.

In January, the Chinese calendar ushers in the year of the Ox. Being an Ox, I anticipate stable forward movement from all, so I need to make change to then carry th plough forward.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Been tagged with love

I was graciously tagged by Rose. thank you thank you thank you. It is so nice to be linked to someone so gracious, such a light in this universe. Thank you.

So,I must nominate:
papadick - around whom I lurk and read almost daily, although you don't know it.
creative soup - I don't know a thing about fashion, but I am very intreigued by the designs shown in a very straightforward manner.
unclejay - although I don't know if it counts as a blog... but he is insightful and makes me laugh
Jimmy Cheng - who was our photographer at the wedding and captured us well. He has a view that really captures personalities more than bodies.

But, being an anti-social person, I guess, that's all I got. I read other sites and hover around, but none that I wish to reveal!

This award is to be paid forward, so here are the rules and the five that I nominate:
1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more).
3. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
4. Link to this post and to the person who originally sent you your award.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Spellman Files: Lisa Lutz

Found a great book:
The Spellman Files

It's about a crazy family that is in the personal surveillance business. All of them. Mom, Dad, sister, crazy uncle and young daughter. Only the perfect brother escapes. It's a bit roller coaster - psychoanalysis that you just can't get from Spencer.

I read for escapism, with a little fun, suspense, mystery and excitement thrown in and this fits the bill. I don't read violence or sappy romance. From the first non-chapter, this book pulled me in... this is a bit disjointed which greatly appeals to the ADD-side of my personality. It moves right along from one close encounter to another with just enough breathing room in between. It's a fun ride.

Two thumbs up - it's a fun read. In fact, when I finished it, I read the three pages of "thank yous" and, frankly, thought, at the subject of the promised follow-up novel - "I'm in."

Friday, October 31, 2008

Musical Survey

Your result for What's your key signature?...

F Major

You're a little flat there, Romeo.

Congratulations, you’re F Major, combining the ease of C Major with just a tint of flatness among it. This key is just perfect for sappy ballads, just ask Paul McCartney! (Yesterday, Michelle AND Hey Jude were all in the key of F!) This key is ideal for pianists who want a touch of softness in their step, or guitarists who happen to like Capoing the first fret. Most instruments have no problem with the key of F, and several horns even have it as their home key. Seriously, though. Try and find a hard rocking punk song in F. Not happening. Punk people tend to stray from such happy keys.

You hopeless romantic, you. Go for it, and play something beautiful on your accordion in F major the next time your girl/guy/Transgendered partner is around, you’ll be amazed by the results. Or maybe you won’t, it really depends on weather or not she/he/it is in the mood. But it can’t hurt!


I gave you three up there, go away.


* The Haydn brothers wrote more symphonies in F major than any other set of musical brothers. This was probably in part because there are very few sets of musical brothers who composed symphonies.

Take What's your key signature? at HelloQuizzy

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Short Word on Gay Marriage

Separation of Church and State.
Don't update the state constitution with restrictions on private life - funded and supported mainly by Christian churches.

No on Proposition 8.

and Proposition 4.
and Proposition 9.
and Proposition 11.

CA Propositions

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Question, always question

I know the purpose of my existence is to make others question their assumptions in this life. I had a child when I was 18, but I was in my second year of college at the time, not high school, and wasn't on welfare, wasn't a drug addict and, most importantly, wasn't a failure. I am in a loving relationship, but am not married. I work in IT, but don't play WOW (but do have a soft spot for Zelda). I live in the OC, but don't have a bit of silicone in my body.

I forget that my life's purpose should apply to me as well.

We had been the poster children for unmarried family values. I work and fund the house, he stays with the kids and cleans it. If his name was Doris, I could cover him on my insurance w/o being married, but alas, it was not. We support same-sex marriage because anyone that wants to should be able to. We just never wanted to.

So, prompted by a $10K tax bill that would be markedly less if we were married (oh, and no stimulus package for us either), we decided to marry. We didn't think it should be a big party. We didn't think it would register on anyone's radar. We thought we'd do it, though, before the CA voters got a chance to deny everyone's right to happiness, though. We thought the process, the ceremony, the location would be fine - nothing fantastic, just fine. After all, it was a marriage for tax purposes. We opted not to include the family - the 25+ people close to our hearts - out of a desire to have those that unquestioningly supported us surround us, and to not inconvenience them all as many are out of state or have their own lives to which to attend.

Instead, our assumptions were blissfully wrong. The weather was fabulous - not too hot, overcast but warm. The people that participated were so very supportive and showed such love and happiness for us. We remain overwhelmed. Those that did not attend are positively supportive. The family that found out pleasantly surprised us with positive support.

I don't know how the rest of the family will react. It doesn't matter, really, because we received affirmation of our love for each other through the love others showed to us. Bliss.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Being frank

WARNING: The soapbox is out.
This may be vulgar, this may be offensive. Stop reading if you are offended easily cause you've been warned.

I was helping at my son's high school and one mom asked if it was warm in this poorly ventelated building. As she was going through "the change" she couldn't tell........ The wha-hut? The change - - -into what? a frog? Can we not say menaupause? When going through puberty, which is a change, we label it "puberty" and we call it that - not "turning on the baby tap" or "becoming smelly". Masking it with vague terminology will make menaupause better?

I'm of the Harry-Potter-insisting-on-saying-Voldemort mindset. Call it what it is. If we don't use accurate terminology, we hide ourselves. If you find it offensive, then don't talk about it. If you talk about it, use the right words. My two year old daughter often says "Mom, we're girls, we have vaginas". I am waiting for the call home from kindergarten on that one. But it's a vagaina... what else should my daughter call it? A ta-ta, hoo-ha, "down there" - like referring to my vagaina as a large island continent make me more comfortable. >sigh<

It reminds me of the moment my older sister (not yet 40) reviewed her bathing-suit clad body, poking at her thighs and mentioning immaterial flaws, and said "some day I'll be 50 and I hope I won't care anymore". Why be unhappy all your life with your body? Accept it, flaunt it, enjoy it. If you don't like it, do something about it. If you can't, then accept it and highlight the great parts. But not accepting yourself because your attributes don't match a china doll is just as nausiating. Read the Robert Fulghum essay about doing what you feel cause it makes you feel good.

Stop holding yourself to an image that is not yourself. Stop devaluing yourself. Refer to your finger as finger, penis as penis, breasts as breasts, vagina as vagina, spleen as spleen and nose as nose. A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but Romeo and Juliet still ended up dead. Be frank and to the point and the games will stop.

Lecture over. I'll put away the soapbox for today.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Going out of my head

So the song of the morning, rolling unceasingly through my head, was "Mungo Jerry and Rumplteaser" from CATS. I haven't seen, heard or relived anything from CATS in over 10 years. I did perform excerpts from in high school a hundred years ago. Where this came from, I have no idea.

Sometimes, the morning Victrola pulls from what I've read - the day of the "90201" TV reunion column had me singing Goofy's "on the open road" for hours. Or an action will prompt a song - stepping out, or moving up or jumping or something (crossing the street, walking rhythmically will no doubt have me singing "the Scotsman" {.. lad I don't know where ya've been/but I see you've won first prize"} before I reach my destination).

Yesterday, mid-day, I was haunted by the youtube infection "The Llama song", but I couldn't remember the words, so I made up phrases ("here's a llama, there's a llama, ugly llama, silly llama, happy llama, funny llama, llama, llama, duck") which will have my progeny offended for not remembering with the steel-trap accuracy found in the youths.

I question what these subliminal hangers on are telling me, about my current mental state, about what I'm working through, about my synapse function. But I don't think about it too much. I welcome the inspiration, happy that the music within me plays on.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finally - we can start

After 16-months and $436 million dollars the Democrats have a nominee. Now we can begin the five-month fight to the presidency. So, as senatorial representatives of their states, what have the three potential candidates been doing for NY, IL and AZ for the last 16-18 months? This whole process is ridiculous.

This is how the whole process should go:
1) All primaries, caucuses, etc. are held between June 1 and June 15 leading up to the Democratic convention. For all states. All at once, in a two week period. And the results are not published until the convention.
2) Voters can vote by three methods:
i. At a booth.
ii. Absentee - mail-in ballot (like 40% of registered voters)
iii. Online - why can't I do this? Millions of dollars are transacted daily, I vote my public shares' proxy this way, and I view my health records. It's not secure? It's not safe? It can be manipulated? Have you seen the dead people voting in Chicago?

Then, they can fight for four months for the presidency. The whole process - six months. It's not like the candidates are reliant on trains and newspapers anymore. Wham bam.

Then, maybe, the candidates can focus on their jobs for the additional 10 months they've now got back.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Meeting frustration, stagflation and political malaze, I have determined what I need.

I want to attend a swell party.

I want to dance, harmonize, and wear a ball gown. Not a Victorian party, no sir. I want to attend the fluffy-feather-footed black tie affair from "High Society" with Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby. Celeste Holm and Frank Sinatra. I want to hear about dear Blanche who got caught in an avalanche. I want to be pinched in the As-ter-bar. hee hee What a swell party this is.

Now wouldn't that be fun?!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Moving websites - updating pictures.

That being said, these are my favorite pictures as of late. One is from February 2008 showing the personalities of my kids when visiting snow (the only way to experience it, really).

The other is from Christmas 2006.

So, post-mother's day, pre-oldest-turning-16-birthday, I want to say my kids make me proud, are the most beautiful ever, and I love them dearly.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Being Fit

Since the beginning of the year I've been exercising. Partially because of the new year - resolution type change and all - and partially because my man and I decided to make a bet about who could lose 10% faster.

After fifteen weeks of walking three days a week I've lost - I think - half a pound. That'd be a tomato or a small apple. Yup, after over 100 miles, what progress. Yes, body changes and I don't have back-cleavage, but come on. For a numbers person, this is kind of frustrating.

I've started running, too. Doing intervals - run 30 sec, walk for 4.5 min. I'm up to running 1.5 min out of every 5 for 40-50 minutes three days a week. Some days, that's 2.5 miles, some days it's four. My heart no longer feels like it is exploding out of my chest, but my thighs get sore.

What I've noticed most about the experience is how I run. Understand, I danced... for years. I knew my last apartment was right because I could complete two counts of eight up the stairwell. The world fits in 4/4 time. When I walk (pace of 15-min miles), I keep a stead 4/4 breath to step. It's balanced and it works. But I cannot run at that pace. When I run, I move to 3/4 time. Uh, right. So, I run with either the Brandenburg Concerto #4 in my head or Leon Redbone's "Bittersweet waltz". They are the right pace and the right tempo for breath to foot moving. It works for me.

And I suppose that's it... after years of not feeling healthly, of not wanting to do it, I've found something that works.

Sunday, March 30, 2008